Tennis Lesson instructor in San Jose, Seydou is a professional tennis player who plays on ATP Tour for several years

JUNIOR DEVELOPMENT Tennis Teaching Class 
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Private Lesson
Most popular , it is 1 on 1 lesson to work on individual needs which can also be specific training to help players with a batter game in addition of  achieving their goals and aspirations . The class is 1 hour long but can be longer at player’s request. 
Semi – Private Lesson
This lesson category is dedicated to 2 players training together and meeting the individual needs of each player. 2 players sharing the same lesson are likely to know each other better and be good double players. The class is 1 hour long but be longer at players’ request. 
Group Clinic
This lesson is desiccated to a group of players training for different levels of play. During lesson or group workout, players will be able to implement and execute techniques in private and semi-Private lessons. Players will also receive specific technical instructions and will be exposed to point play and various production drills. The class is 2 hours long and includes tennis and fitness in a group of 6 players and up.

Kids Tennis Lesson

Red level or Quick Start Program is designed for 4-8 years old kids and enables them to learn the basic of tennis through a series of fun activities based on the fundamental areas of balance, co-ordination, agility, movement and racket and ball skills. They learn basics of tennis such as forehand, backhand, volley, serve and footwork. The Coach uses basic teaching tools like cones, vertical and horizontal targets.

Players play in a group of 6 kids. Kids have more time to work on speed, agility, flexibility, balance, tactics and technique. Private lessons, house league, and tournaments recommended.
 This age group is beginner and players play on 36’ long and 48’ wide court, use red balls and 19-23 inch rackets. The focus is about making it as much fun as possible during tennis lessons. The game-based approach is used.
The most important focus of this stage is to emphasize fun and enjoyment when playing tennis. While participating in other sports to develop fundamental motor skills, the child begins to show a preference for tennis as his/her sport of choice. The child enjoys and acquires basic tennis skills while playing progressive tennis. At the end of this stage, the child’s foundation and skill competencies achieved will be a good indicator in regards to the child’s likelihood of possessing the abilities to progress recreationally or competitively.
General Objectives:
  •  Further, develop fundamental movement skills.
  •  Further, develop fundamental motor skills.
  •  Explore the optimal windows of trainability for speed and suppleness (flexibility).
  •  Develop basic tennis skills (technical/tactical).
  •  Acquire psychological skills (ability to focus, emotional control, positive attitude,
  •  Commitment & effort).
  •  Introduce the rules of the game and tennis ethics.
  •  Introduce decision-making.

Tennis Lessons, Coaches Club training for kids adults San Jose CA

Our program
Seydou is a PTR Professional certified and has a high standard of playing and teaching skill . These experiences gave him the knowledge to develop champions at the junior level and produce college players for the past 10 years .

Tennis Lesson instructor, Seydou is a professional tennis player who plays on ATP Tour for several years. He began teaching in 2008 at Christ Evert Tennis Academy one of the biggest tennis academies in the US in Boca Raton, Florida. He moved to the bay area in 2009 and worked with Eagle Fustar the same year and The Harker School for over three years as Assistant Professional . Seydou loves to spread the culture of knowing and to make discover to others . He is a PTR Professional certified and has a high standard of playing and teaching a skill . These experiences gave him the knowledge to develop champions at the junior level and produce college players for the past ten years .

Tennis Coach Teacher instructor in San Jose CA

Great tennis coach, teaches technique and match-play well. Teaches very well and helps to identify errors and weaknesses in your game and then to fix them. Well worth the experience   Sid S.  San Jose, CA
My daughter (aged about eight years) went to different coaches before Seydou, and I was disappointed with the way they coached …I saw Seydou doing drills with another kid in Cupertino and immediately felt that he is very special … Its been about less than a year , my daughter is attending the tennis classes with Seydou and results are there to see .He is really a great coach and the best I have ever seen ..Seydou spends  so much of time in fixing the basics and does amazing tennis drills which helped my daughter to enjoy tennis so much and after training with Seydou for less than a year, she is almost ready for the USTA (junior) tournaments …

I ( am about 4.0 USTA rating ) was so impressed with his training skills and started taking tennis classes myself . He quickly identified my issues with a backhand and served and spent so much good time in fixing them ..I highly recommend Seydou for tennis coaching classes for all the age groups .Thank you so much, Seydou !!!!!

Sash D,  San Jose, CA
Review for Seydou
He has great drills to help you improve your strokes and so that you can overlay play better. Great coach 
Sanjay S. San Jose, CA

Seydou, tennis instructor 408-376-1015,     
Tennis Lessons, Class, Coaches, Trainers San Jose CA

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